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Helping organizations and institutions reach their full potential by seeing, learning and responding to the racial differences through the ideals of color consciousness.
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At The Bijoux Group, we push beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking and linear problem-solving patterns because we understand challenges are not always clearly articulated at all levels within an organization.

Therefore, we ensure communication is the core of every project we engage in because it’s difficult to imagine pushing traditional thinking and linear problem-solving patterns without effective communication that clearly define and deliver goals and expectations. We work with your team at all levels to construct custom-made proactive service plans that fit your organizational needs, timeline, and budget.

managing partner

Christian H. Bijoux

Mr. Bijoux is the Founder and Managing Partner of Bijoux Consulting Group LLC. Bringing more than ten years of experience in the private and non-profit sector, Mr. Bijoux currently serves as the Program Director for the Dually Involved Initiative in Santa Clara County. 

He has consulted with public health and advocacy groups and community organizations on program and policy issues related to state and federal youth and young adult programs, as well as enhancing racial equity within organizations. As the Program Director of the Dually Involved Youth Initiative in Santa Clara County—a collaborative initiative through the Department of Family and Children Services, the Department of Juvenile Probation, and the Behavioral Health Services Department designed to provide intensive services for youth and their families through a united case management approach, Mr. Bijoux is responsible for providing system change management, including, but not limited to, identifying and prioritizing system issues and transformation opportunities that improve the success, outcomes, and positive development of youth involved in the child welfare and juvenile legal system.

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